The 2021 Mass Intentions Book is now open.  We are using various methods of no-contact requests:

  1. In person requests.  There are two Mass Intention stations in the Activity Center of the church.  One is located near the Receptionist window and the other is located near the elevator.  Fill out the Mass Intention Offering form(s). Place the form(s) in an envelope with any donations.  Place the sealed envelope in the collection box provided.  The staff will collect and process these requests during office hours.
  2. Mail in your requests.  Fill out the Mass Intention Offering form(s). Mail the filled out form and any donation (please don’t send cash) to St. Jude Catholic Church 9600 Caritas St., Fredericksburg, VA 22408.  Make any checks payable to St. Jude and please write Mass Intentions in the memo line.
  3. Email in your requests.  Fill out the Mass Intention Offering form(s).  Save the pdf and submit it to  Mail in, drop off or use Faith Direct for any donations.  If you use Faith Direct, please use the “One Time Offering” option and in the notes write Mass Intentions.


Please note, the office staff works on-site and virtually throughout the week.  Because of this, it is not possible for the staff to check to see the availability of a specific date.  Submit your requests.  You will get a phone call or email confirming your request or asking for further information.

There are dates that are unavailable for various reasons:  novenas, Father O’Keefe is out of the office, or Mass is not offered (most Thursdays).  Please use the Unavailable Dates Listing and the 2021 At-A-Glance Calendar to assist you with your planning.

The month of October in 2021 is currently not available for Daily Mass intentions.  This is due to potential scheduling conflicts.  These dates will open once the calendar is finalized.  Please check back later in the year.




Fill out the Mass Intention Offering form(s).


  • Please submit one form per request.
  • You or the person/family you are requesting a Mass for must be a member of St. Jude’s.
  • You can dedicate 1 individual per Mass or 1 family/organization/group per Mass.  For example:  Jane Smith or The Deceased members of the Women’s Guild or the Taylor-Leon Families.
  • There is a limit of 3 Mass requests per visit, per day.
  • You can only request 2 Masses for any specific month. For example, if you request 2 Masses to be said in January, then any additional Masses must be in other months.
  • You can request a specific date and time. Please indicate an alternative date or any other instructions, like “weekends only”, “no evenings”, etc. .  The staff will do its best to fulfill that request.  If your requested dates are not available, your Mass will be assigned the closest available Mass to your original request date. 
  • Altar Flowers and the Perpetual Candle are also available for dedication.  There are currently no restrictions on the number of these dedications.
  • Each Mass is a freewill donation of $10.  The Perpetual Candle is $13.  The Altar Flowers are $20.


  • UNSCHEDULED MASSES are unlimited with no monthly restrictions. Please indicate on the form if you would like unscheduled Masses.